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Paddling Season

Mitch WerBell drops into a rapid along Boone Fork As you may have noticed, posts have been a little slow in the past week or so. Yes, the semester has been rounding out to the final stretch with exams this week. And while everyone has been in a huge rush, we've also had tons of water. Two consecutive weeks we had storms bringing in 2"+ inches of water, making seldom seen creeks run. The storms also brought a sharp drop in temperatures, and some snow immediately after the rain stopped, which created some chilly, but great paddling. Here's a little shot from Boone Fork, which runs between Julian Price Park along the parkway, down to the confluence of the Red Roof section of the Watauga River in Boone.

Also check out some of the stouts our boys here in the Southeast have been sending it on!

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Nocculula Falls First Descent with Issac Levinson, Pat Keller, and Chris Gragtmans