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Article in Free Hub Magazine

I've been working recently with mountain biker Daniel Sapp to put together a rider bio for Free Hub Magazine. We did two shoots last week in the High Country area with tons of hiking. Free Hub does two annual print issues of about 200 pages, with that nice thick paper, and then a monthly online magazine, with the identical lay out as print. Pretty cool idea, looks like they are doing it right too. This is currently the "article of the week" and come the turn of the month it will go in the online edition, and then in the print edition in the spring.

Thanks to D-Sapp for the hook up and the talented riding!

Technical Details:

1.) Canon 1D, Tamron 17-35, 2 SB-28's on Pocketwizards

2.) Canon 20D, Canon 50 1.4, 2 SB-28's on Pocketwizards

3.) Canon 20D, Tamron 17-35, Natural light