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Commercial and Outdoor Adventure Photographer

New York City

Just got back to the south after a week up in New York City visiting Jeyhoun Allebaugh and helping assist on a few photo shoots. While I didn't walk away with anything absolutely stunning photographically, I walked away with a bunch of knowledge, plus had a great time exploring the city.

This one was shot while hoofin' it across the Manhattan Bridge on my way to Brooklyn, shortly after being stuck in the middle of Chinatown during a main Chinese New Year celebration. Check out my Flickr for a few more photos, including some stuff from Madison Square Gardens.

Fortunately, I made it out of the city just as the snow began to get a little too much and made it back to North Carolina. Look out for a post in two weeks from after I get back from Nicaragua, where I am photographing a family that were exiled by the government into a slum in Jinotepe with a daughter trying to go to medical school.