Tommy Penick Photo

Commercial and Outdoor Adventure Photographer


My typical assignment reads as follows: 6:00 PM, Event X, Place Y. Three photos edited and captioned.

This assignment: Light and time, the world's two "weirdest things".

After working at a newspaper all summer, and really being in a newspaper state of mind for a year at least, it's become difficult for me to think non-literally with my photography. Weird experimental lighting, setting stuff up, and all that jazz has been tossed out the window in replacement for layers, candid moments, and embracing natural light. While I love the latter, I'd like to still be able to think non-literally.


This semester, back at Appalachian State, I'm enrolled in a class taught by the intellectual genius Jeff Goodman. I have never met anyone so curious with the world, and with such a vast knowledge base. Ask the guy anything and he either knows it or will research it for hours and know the ins and outs of everything.

Jeff pushes us to think more outside the box than any one individual I have met. I'm definitely not doing it quite yet, but expect to see a bit of a turn from here. This is the only shooting I'm doing this semester except for a few personal projects, football for the Journal, and divulging myself in CSS and HTML editing.

So this one is my friend/roommate/co-ski team exec/shredder Ben McCracken, in a 10" exposure light painted with a dual-circular tube fluorescent ski shop sign we salvaged from the 80s.