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Highlining Hebron

Waterfall Highline

Over the past year I've become quite jaded on Boone from time to time. It's easy to get stuck in a rut here; being a small town with limited social circles, Boone can become a little monotonous. But Friday afternoon while Mike Holley was setting up his high line above Hebron Rock Colony, a Appalachian favorite outdoor chill spot, I had a rejuvenated sense of love for the area. Hebron already is a beautiful place, but just knowing that this is what my buddies do on a Friday afternoon after they get out of class is powerful. After talking with friends from other universities about the non-curricular recreation opportunities in their areas, I've once again remembered how lucky I am to get to do things like this on a regular basis.

Years ago when I met Mike for the first time, he instantly was put on my short list of people to photograph after hearing about his adventures. He is constantly bouncing around the world going on climbing and surfing adventures, and is truly inspirational. I'm glad we finally got together to shoot some of his athleticism.