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SoCon Title Part XI

After the 43-13 defeat of the Wofford Terriers on November 17th, the Apps brought home the sixth consecutive Southern Conference Championship for the 2010 season, before hitting the road against the Florida Gators. Despite the utter defeat received in the Swamp--I'm glad to see the Mountaineers have held it together this year with some major lineup changes. Going into the season, I saw this year as a chance for the Apps to lose some games, become humble, and being rebuilding the dynasty that I knew as Appalachian football. I was wrong. No rebuilding, or no rebuilding in the way of losses. The Mountaineers kept strong the whole season, despite the changing of flow and major game strategy.

Thanks for another great season at home, now let's see how playoffs go! I'm excited to see how it goes, and just as excited for basketball season--looking promising already!