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The End

Today, my Mountaineers faced off against Villanova, the defending FCS Champions in Boone. Going into the game, I didn't know much about 'Nova, other than they won last year. I didn't know their star player is a legitimate machine. I'm not sure if I have ever seen a guy so athletic as Matt Szczur, nor a name with so many consonants. Running back, quarterback, punt returner, and billed on the roster as a wide receiver. And, he's already signed with the Cubs, for baseball.

The Apps came out hard in the first two drives, but after that Villanova turned on the jets and we were in for a ride. Nova was a great team, I see why they got the champs last year, and I can imagine this year might be similar.

But back to the Mountaineers. Lots of people left the game disappointed, upset to see the season end. But I didn't at all. While more football is always good, I'm proud of what the team did this year. Coming into this season, I didn't know what to expect. Lots of lost coaches, lots of players that were the guys who killed the beast in Michigan, and after the first game, I wasn't sure what we would see. I think for what this season was, it was a great one. Thanks guys for another great season.

After the game I hung around to shoot some more photos, and imagining the seniors, just being defeated in their last game they will most likely ever play was earth-shattering. A few were shaking hands with fans, thanking them for being fans, and the fans thanking the players. To think that the dream they have been pursuing since elementary school in pee-wee football would come to a halt.

So thank you, seniors, for giving us a great season. I wish you the best of luck wherever ya'll end up. I hope to see at least a few playing Sundays next year.