Tommy Penick Photo

Commercial and Outdoor Adventure Photographer


This winter was pretty slow for me photographically--the camera spent a lot more time in the bag rather than in my hand, and that's about to change. This past weekend I went down to the annual North Carolina Press Photographers Association and got my inspiration back. It was great seeing all these folks just excited about photojournalism, and photography in general. Also, seeing some killer work from the judges Corey Perrine, Lisa Krantz, and Preston Gannaway, and hearing some very inspirational career paths from each of them helped kick it off for sure.

This week alone I've shot more than I did in January and February combined. I've stepped it up with my job shooting as a University News photographer here at Appalachian, which I have been working on and off since November, and also just having fun shooting photos. It involves LOTS of portraits, but I'm trying to bring a new personal light to them (ha, see what I did there? Light)

A friend of mine from Alpine Ski Center asked me if I could come help them out with a little shoot they were trying to do. I did not realize this involved me directing 40 people with a megaphone from on top of a van, and individually lighting 10 people repelling off of a retail building.

The finished product is supposed to be a mockery of the Die Hard poster, with the manager as Bruce Willis and the background being vignettes of the movie, such as the cops, hostage scene, the German dude being pushed out the building, etc. However, instead of German terrorist, they were replaced with Floridian tourist. Here's a little teaser.