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I'm Alive!

Ben McMechen

After a few years of frustration with Blogger, I’ve finally pulled the trigger and switched to WordPress, which I am very happy with so far. I’ll resume consistent posts from here on out, but here’s the quick sparknote version of my past few months:

  • 1.) I worked in Costa Rica for Rustic Pathways as their staff photographer for 3 months
  • 1b.) All of my gear was stolen there
  • 2.) Upon arriving back to the States, I immediately started up classes and shooting the same old stuff.
  • 3.) I’ve become a bearded mountain biker that kayaks only occasionally, rather than the inverse.
  • 4.) I’m currently remarketing towards editorial rather than photojournalism which has been my primary market for the past three years; and I’m excited.

I wish I could catch everyone up on the details of the past months, but it’s been busy and full, so I’ll just share a few photos. Hope everyone likes the new blog.