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Commercial and Outdoor Adventure Photographer

Sanford Portraits

Sanford Portrait I'm always referred to as the "sports" guy, or the "action" guy, and I don't see those as necessarily bad terms, but I don't like being a one dimensional (I guess that explains my insatiable thirst for random outdoor sports).

So when a class assignment came up that gave us the option between shooting pre-game tailgaiting, or "fall fashions", I decided to stir things up and side with the latter. I thought I'd bring my own light to fall fashions, and let the themes of my wardrobe be reiterated through the photos themselves; that being whatever works. I decided to go for more of a cross-section of Appalachian wear, rather than select the nicest dressed individuals that make me feel bad about wearing clipless shoes and shirts covered with mud to class.

It's also fun to walk around campus with a scrim, location pack, and softbox, and commanding people to pose for portraits.