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Commercial and Outdoor Adventure Photographer

Best of 2011


Seeing everyone's "Best of 2011" galleries this year made me even more reluctant to do the annual update, but after finding a yearly update I wrote to myself from 4 years ago, I remembered how gratifying it is to see progress, while it may not be evident on the surface. This year was great on a personal level, and shaky at best photographically. 2011 brought many transformations in my photography; mainly, the switch from a photojournalistic path to editorial and commercial. It still doesn't feel right at all telling someone to move, or changing anything whatsoever. I've had some cool opportunities such as working in Costa Rica, reconnecting on an old photo story, and hanging out with some pretty rad professional athletes, but I've had some downs too, such as getting all of my photo gear stolen, and my first budget-induced layoff.

So here it is. I'm not claiming this as my best year, but I hope to see it as a reinventing year. A rocky switch from one path to another, but I foresee this path heading to great places. Some big irons have been thrown in the fire in the past few weeks, I'm excited to see how they grow with time.