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Tarheel Foodie

This past week I had the pleasure of working with Susan Walter Sink of Tarheel Foodie in Durham at The Cookery, a community kitchen that caters to food truck operators and other cooks in the area. Susan runs a very interesting business, that teaches and produces food that has been grown both organically and locally. Susan differentiates herself by using at least 90% local materials--which when living in an area with full seasons, creates interesting logistical issues.

Susan works with several farms throughout North Carolina to provide her clients with the freshest ingredients year around. She will shop for a large amount of a seasonal vegetable, for example, and purchase and store enough to serve her business's needs for the year. It's definitely a unique process.

So in my best attempts to imitate Susan's wonderful cooking, I attempted to roast some fall veggies this evening only to find a broken oven. I'll leave it to the pros.