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Steph and Rob's Asheville Wedding

If you told me a year ago that I'd be standing in an elevator with a soon-to-be married bride and her entourage of bridesmaids at any point in my life, I would've laughed. Even if you just told me a year ago I was shooting a wedding, I would've chuckled. Actually, my friends still are.

But last Saturday I broke the ice with wedding photography while working with the wonderful Sarah Whitmeyer, and you was really enjoyable. Granted, everything went well. The weather was great, the wedding party participants were awesome, and everything fell into place logistically. While it's a total change of pace from hanging off of a cliff shooting a waterfall, it was enjoyable, and perhaps brought me back to my Old South roots of formal wear.

This past week has been full of a more normal schedule of shooting with some guys firing it up kayaking, and with another front moving in currently, good things will be happening in the High Country. I'll be putting a few teaser shots up on the new Facebook Page, which I've decided to go ahead and set up. Check it out and let me know what you think!