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More Spring Sporting

The weather over the past weeks here in Boone has been questionable at best for the minds of most--but for paddlers it's been great. Full size consecutive storms in the area have dumped enough water in the area to have some seldom seen areas run, including North Harper's Creek, a technical sloping 35 footer with a 10 foot lead in boof. A few friends and I hiked in for some shooting.

However, with a few breaks in the clouds, we managed to get up into the Linville Wilderness to get a little bit of trail running done with my marathon running friend Teagan Miller. It's hard to elaborate in words about what the photos convey already. Linville is beautiful. It might even make running fun for those that find it to be torture.

This past weekend I got the pleasure to check out a new scene for me--BMX. I was invited to a BMX dirt jump jam in Raleigh, North Carolina, and it was a pretty rowdy and exciting event. It had all the happenings of being a miniature Skatopia or something out of a mid-90s punk inspired movie. My background as a mountain biker proved to be worthless on tight-transitioned dirt jumps, and I've got the bruises to show it. But hey, can you really shoot anything without doing it?

I know this is a short post for now, but keep an eye out for some big stuff coming out later this month, including a move to California, a huge new client, and a lot of motion work!