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Manifest Destiny

[EasyGallery id='20120521']For those not totally up on your 1800s history, Manifest Destiny was the belief that individuals living on the Eastern United States seaboard were destined to travel west, and conquer the unknown beyond the Appalachians. This past week, I did something similar--although modern road systems and interstates made it quite a bit easier than my 19th century counterparts. Along with two good friends, I ventured to the next stage of my life and career by moving from Boone, NC to South Lake Tahoe, CA, to work with Trevor Clark Photography. As someone who has poured themselves over Trevor's work throughout the past few years, it's a dream to get the opportunity to move out here to California to work with Trevor.

We left Boone last Thursday, immediately after my final exam presentation, and booked it out to St. Louis for an evening. After some great hospitality from my friend Tyler, we headed across the great state of Kansas for a quick stop in Summit County, then onward to the dry desert around Moab, UT for a quick bike ride, and further onto an unexpected beauty of Western Utah at Castle Rock. Sunday night I arrived to my new home here in South Lake to a place full of friendly roommates, and an almost instantaneous tour of Lake Tahoe from the boat.

Lake Tahoe, and in general, the American West has fully lived up to its hype. Around every corner another dramatic view of snowy mountain peaks awaits, with trails and ski lines scattered about.

Big thanks to Trevor for allowing me this opportunity, and even a bigger thanks for sharing my enthusiasm! Trevor put up a great introductory blog post--take a look and keep up with what's happening over at TCP!